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Dan Wend graduated from Western Michigan University and has lived in the Seattle area since 1981. Dan continues to create art and pursue his photography while living a double-life as a corporate marketing and creative professional. Dan has worked for some of the most prominent companies in the Northwest, and is an entrepreneur and business owner.

Dan has punctuated his professional pursuits with adventuring in the wilds of the west, capturing images and memories along the way.

Dan's creative work is in public, corporate, and private art collections and his work has appeared in galleries and art events around the US.


Light and Motion
Incendiary Images


Photography Collections

- Chaco Canyon
- Puye Cliff Dwellings
- Coulees & Scablands
- American Maritime
- Vintage Autos
- Mountains & Forests
- Coasts & Shorelines
- Nautical
- Canyons & Deserts

- Rural America
- Industrial
- Sand Dunes
- Yellowstone
- Architecture
- Historical Images
- Natural Abstractions
- Landscapes
- Flowers & Plants
- PhotoArt

Contract Photo Projects
Special Projects

Through this website, Dan is now offering prints and cards of his work. He is available on a limited basis for contract photo projects. Contact Dan if you have questions or need a quote at dan@wendimages.com.

Photo Projects
Lights, Action, Camera
History Made Life-Size

Daniel Wend

Photographer's Statement

Seeing the world through a camera lens and freezng a moment and place in time is one way of capturing and sharing the world and my experiences in it. When I go back and study my photos, I often find new details and nuances in lighting or composition that enhances the initial experience.

My passion for nature and wild places has had a very strong influence on my work, and my outlook on life.

Look for new additions to this site as this online collection continues to evolve and grow. I appreciate all questions, comments, ideas and suggestions, so feel free to contact me at: dan@wendimages.com

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