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Light Wave © Daniel Wend


In this series of photographs, I've used my camera to create abstract and unique images with new and readily available subject matter. Employing long exposure times and different types of motion, I focus on illuminated subjects of all manner - from reflections on water, to neon lights, fireworks, and flames. Most of these images were taken at dusk or after dark, which has allowed me to expand my photo opportunities at any time of the day. Creating these images has inspired me to attend places and events with creative illumination that might yield surprising, beautiful, or interesting photos.

The effects that I've captured here were almost exclusively created in camera. Usually, the only enhancements or editing I've done were very basic - mostly cropping, and/or simple adjustments of brightness or contrast.

These images occasionally reveal things about the subject matter that aren't apparent in still photos. In some of these abstract photos, individual lights appear not only elongated or streaked from motion, but as dotted lines - the effect of a rapid blinking on and off - which occurs with the alternating current (AC) used in conventional electricity. Fluorescent, neon, or battery powered (direct current, DC) lighting all make unbroken lines. Flames are revealed as a different type of heat and light source, with undulating patterns, swirls, and fluid forms of yellow, red, brown and orange.



















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An Imaging Revolution

Digital cameras have opened creative doors to new imaging explorations for many photographers. The immediacy, speed, file capacity and economy of a digital camera provides the spontaneity and freedom to capture more fleeting moments, and experiment more freely, transforming the art of photography.


Light and Motion
Incendiary Images


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Light in Motion


Incendiary Images